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Tyler, City In Texas, Changes Its Law Banning Solar Panels From Public View


Testing of Soluxa with colored solar panels on the facade of the University of Nijmegen has started

Radboud University in Nijmegen has put a test facade with colored solar panels from Soluxa into operation. It is the first demonstration of Vibrant technology with solar panels in every imaginable color.

The start-up Soluxa is a spin-off from Radboud University Nijmegen. Lourens van Dijk, founder of Soluxa, about the demonstration: “Nobody wants black office apartments or houses, but with the developed Vibrant technology this is a thing of the past. Now every facade can generate energy. This doubles the space available for solar collectors in the built-up area. The technology demonstrated is an important step in remembering the climate goals. '

60 square meters
The facade of 60 square meters is placed on the Huygens building of the Radboud University. The aim of the test facade is to map the output of the colored panels and to demonstrate what colored solar facades look like. 14 different colors were used for the test facade, including a special color that changed color depending on the viewing angle. The solar panels have a yield of 80 to 90 percent compared to a black solar panel.

Van Dijk: “The solar panel is a new option for facade cladding. Since the solar panels generate electricity, it is even cheaper than traditional cladding. The solar modules can be produced on a large scale and at a low price. '

East West
By using solar panels on facades, solar energy is generated at different times of the day than solar panels on the roof. Van Dijk: “In the mornings and afternoons, the east and west facades generate a lot of energy. This is exactly the moment when a lot of energy is in demand. The south facade generates a lot in winter when the sun is low. Thus, this technology ensures a better distribution of the energy generation over the day and the year, so that the energy network is less stressed. '

Soluxa is currently developing the production technology. It is expected that the product will be able to be used on a large scale by mid-2022. Van Dijk: “The technology is suitable for both renovations and new buildings. There is already a lot of demand from the market, but we also notice that companies are sometimes a little hesitant. In order to rapidly apply the technology on a large scale, we are looking for companies that recognize the power and dare to share with us the risks associated with the application of this new technology. Quelle:  Text: Els Stultiens

How Chinese Farmers Are Turning Gobi Desert Green

Since 1978, China has been planting millions of trees in an ambitious project aimed at holding back a growing Gobi desert. After spending decades planting trees in the Gobi desert, farmer Wang Jinyi has helped make the vast land green again. Under the state-driven Green Great Wall, armies of volunteers have joined the reforestation of the Gobi desert as part of China’s goal to expand total forest coverage there to 24.1% by 2023. Here's a look at some images. In March, heavy sandstorms hit Beijing for the first time in six years, putting the country's reforestation efforts under scrutiny, with land increasingly scarce and trees no longer able to offset the impact of climate change. 

Gobi desert expanse stretching over 500,000 square-mile from Mongolia to northwest China, which would coat Tiananmen Square in dust nearly every spring. Now a local institution in northwest China's Gansu province, Wang Tianchang and his family lead busloads of young volunteers from the provincial capital of Lanzhou into the desert each year to plant and irrigate new trees and bushes. The Wangs have been fighting desertification since they settled on barren land near the village of Hongshui in Wuwei, a city in Gansu close to the border with Inner Mongolia, in 1980. Over the last four decades, the Three-North Shelter Forest Programme, a tree-planting scheme known colloquially as the "Great Green Wall", has helped raise total forest coverage to nearly a quarter of China's total area, up from less than 10% in 1949. 

In a battered jeep loaded with a water tank and flying a large Chinese national flag, the Wang family have been planting the spindly "huabang" in the rolling dunes. The flowering bush known as the sweetvetch has an 80% success rate even in harsh desert conditions and has become a key part of efforts to "hold down the sand", a term used locally for planting bushes and grasses in even squares across the desert slopes to stop sand drifting into nearby farmland. Quelle:  Text: Anuj Tiwari


Wir müssen uns einer neuen Ästhetik ergeben. Landschaften und Städte werden sich aufgrund der zunehmenden Zahl von Instrumenten zur Energieerzeugung verändern. Um eine erfolgreiche Energiewende zu erreichen, benötigen wir eine unglaubliche Anzahl effizienter Tools, die sowohl privat als auch öffentlich sinnvoll installiert werden müssen. Die Standorte müssen organisiert und genehmigt werden. Durch Beten und Moralisieren wird nichts erreicht. Wir müssen mit Photovoltaik, Windkraftanlagen, Batterien... Tabuplätze einnehmen. Ob das allgemeine Erscheinungsbild der Welt hässlicher oder attraktiver sein wird, ist zweitrangig. Entweder viele Module und Räder oder fiese Kohlekraftwerke die uns vergiften und demoralisieren. Text: Webmaster

Roof solar panels in Changjiang Village, China
Trash becomes electricity
The electricity for the electric vehicles is produced in-house - in the waste-to-energy plant (MHKW) in Hedder Gleichennheim, whose shareholders are partly FES and the Frankfurt energy supplier Mainova. The twelve-meter-long solo buses are charged there during breaks in operation, both during the day and at night - regardless of whether the batteries are completely or only partially empty. An energy management system ensures that the vehicles always have enough power when they are in use.

Household waste and non-recyclable commercial waste from Frankfurt and the surrounding districts of Hochtaunus and Maintaunus are incinerated in the MHKW to generate electricity. Röttele explains: “When household waste is burned, energy is released. This is used to heat steam to 500 degrees Celsius and thus generate a pressure of 60 bar. With this steam as an energy carrier, district heating and - with the help of turbines - electricity are generated. "

According to the information, up to 525,000 tons of waste can be recycled in the plant per year. About 0.4 MWh or 400 kWh of electricity is generated from one ton of waste. “A bus needs from completely empty to one hundred percent full 300 kW. We can load a bus around 1.3 times with one ton, ”says Röttele. In other words: "A full charge takes 0.75 tons."

Ausgezeichnet durch mich Georg Schoener "Weltec Biopower" 

Weltec-Kunde in Nordirland nutzt Biomethan aus Lebensmittelresten als Lkw-Treibstoff

I would be very happy if all carproducers would join forces to preserve our beloved earth, our living space. Mobility is very helpful, but production and use leave negative marks on our ecosystem. I use my car every day and am annoyed that I am actively involved in pollution. The automotive industry and all of us having an obligation to start activities for the climate and the environment and I do not miss the opportunity to criticize the incredibly dirty fleet of company cars in our federal government. 
Die Welt sollte das dem ADAC zu Grunde liegende Konzept und die darin befindliche soziale Komponente zum vorbildlichen Leitsatz erheben. Eine einheitliche Mobilitätswende hin zum Gebrauch umweltfreundlicher Kraftstoffe funktioniert dann, also nicht nur auf Deutschland bezogen, wenn sich der Mensch seiner Verantwortung gegenüber seinen Mitmenschen und der Umwelt bewußt wird und sein Handeln, seine Mobilität, vernünftig und tolerant dahingehend ausrichtet. Das heisst es darf keine Nischen geben in denen lustig und vergnügt weiterhin das Klima durch fossile Kraftstoffe verpestetet wird als wäre nichts gewesen. Der ADAC ist eine sehr gute Sache mit viel Potential das sich weiterdenken und führen lässt. Ich als ADAC-Mitglied bin schon bestens bedient worden. 
Text: Webmaster

Motorsport ist Umweltverschmutzung in der negativen Qualität von Umweltverbrechen, vergleichbar mit Kohlekraftwerken und illegal entsorgtem Müll in der Landschaft. Wer sich in besonderem Maß an der Unterstützung und Förderung verantwortungsloser und wie es scheint geistesschwacher Enthusiasten beteiligt ist selbst zum Umweltverbrecher geworden. Es geht beim Motorsport um egoistische Rücksichtslosigkeit, ein stark ausgeprägtes Suchtverhalten, skrupellose Medienanstalten die ihre Sendekanäle mit Inhalten bestücken, die eine möglichst breite Masse von Menschen, mit einem dazu passenden IQ ansprechen sollen, um sie letztendlich mit horrenden Fernsehgebühren auszubeuten. Wir alle sollten uns die Frage stellen ob mit dem Irrsinn  des Motorsports, der mit fossilen Kraftstoffen betrieben wird, eine ernsthafte Energiewende und Heilung des Weltklimas zu bewerkstelligen ist. Text: Webmaster

Ich gewinne mit Mahle den German Brand Award, vielen Dank für die Auszeichnung  dennoch bleibt die Frage offen ob Deutschland die Fähigkeiten dazu hat den Mahle Motor auf die Strassen zu bringen oder ob es nur bei einer Glorifizierung bleibt. Text: Webmaster 


MAHLE entwickelt effizienten magnetfreien E-Motor

California city pays its homeless to clean up encampments

Tritium cannot be filtered out an environmental crime is looming

 PMC ropes in Kharata Paltan to clean roads

The people who find themselves in such a drastic poverty and hopelessness have to be integrated into the system of "remuneration by work". These people can be encouraged to restore their own environment properly. I plead for the worldwide expansion of this system. We will see how their living conditions change for the better. Text: Webmaster

Andreas Pinkwart, Professor für Innovationsmanagement und Entrepreneurship, Minister für Wirtschaft, Digitalisierung und Energie des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen, Neunkirchen-Seelscheid und die Parl. Staatssekretärin Elisabeth Winkelmeier-Becker

Sr. Ignacio S. Galán, me impresiona usted mucho, me encantaría que se involucrara en proyectos que conviertan los residuos en energía respetuosa con el clima, hay suficiente material, muchas gracias.  

Mr. Ignacio S. Galán, you impress me very much, I would be glad if you would get involved in projects that turn waste into climate-friendly energy, there is enough material, thank you. Text: Webmaster

Clear cases of environmental crime, where is the judiciary?

I point out that this criminal activities of such insane air pollution should be subjected to a police investigation. On the one hand, investors in renewable energies are trying to counteract air pollution and, on the other hand, disrespectful, loveless environment-sinners pollute all of our air. A real energy transition shouldn't tolerate that. I call for clear legislation against such climate crimes. I have the impression the greater the endeavors of the industry, the more the achievements are torpedoed by destructive ignoramuses. Text: Webmaster